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  • Tamuk Flemish giant cross bunnies
    Tamuk Flemish giant cross bunnies
    40.00 $
    TAMUK Austin (Texas) February 18, 2024
    The bunnies we have for sale are a mix of Tamuk and Flemish Giant breeds. They are super cute and come in different colors! The colored ones are $40 each, while the albinos are a bit more expensive at $50 each. They are currently 5 weeks old and will...
  • Tamuk litters
    Tamuk litters
    40.00 $
    TAMUK Fort Worth (Texas) February 9, 2024
    TAMUK rabbits have multiple litters born between 11/9/23 - 12/6/23. Each bunny can be adopted for $40, and we only accept cash. These rabbits will grow to be around 10-12lbs, similar in size to a cat. If you are interested, please text me.
  • Tamuk baby bunnies for sale
    Tamuk baby bunnies for sale
    30.00 $
    TAMUK February 6, 2024
    We currently have four male bunnies and two female bunnies available for adoption. These adorable Tamuk have been given lots of attention and would make a perfect Valentine's Day gift. Rest assured, all our bunnies are in good health, cheerful, and u...
  • Black tort Tamuk Composite bunnies
    Black tort Tamuk Composite bunnies
    30.00 $
    TAMUK Alamogordo (New Mexico) January 5, 2024
    We have a few adorable black tort Tamuk Composite bunnies that are eagerly waiting for their new homes. These bunnies typically weigh between 10-12 lbs when fully grown and are known for their ability to handle hot weather and their friendly nature. ...
  • Tamuk mix Rex Bunnies for sale
    Tamuk mix Rex Bunnies for sale
    40.00 $
    TAMUK Albuquerque (New Mexico) January 1, 2024
    On September 12th, a litter of eight baby rabbits was born and is now available for sale. Additionally, there is another litter born on October 2nd, consisting of nine rabbits. The father is a pedigreed black rex with velvety soft fur, while the moth...
  • Tamuk bunnies cheap
    Tamuk bunnies cheap
    10.00 $
    TAMUK San Antonio (Texas) September 14, 2023
    There are four TAMUK breed bunnies that are eight weeks old. One is a white buck, one is a black buck, one is a white doe, and one is a spotted doe. They are very friendly and have been handled a lot. They can be kept as pets or used for meat. They h...
  • TAMUK Meat Rabbits
    TAMUK Meat Rabbits
    35.00 $
    TAMUK Niangua (Missouri) September 4, 2023
    For the serious meat rabbit raisers, a very nice selection of high-quality, healthy, purebred TAMUK meat rabbits. Tamuk rabbits were developed by Texas A & M University Kingsville to be a more productive, sturdy, and heat tolerant line of New Zea...
  • Proven TAMUK does and buck for sale
    Proven TAMUK does and buck for sale
    15.00 $
    TAMUK Nacogdoches (Texas) August 14, 2023
    So, I've proven TAMUK rabbits can do the whole breeding thing - both the grown-up bucks and does, and the young ones too. But, we've decided to stop raising them for meat. Still, we had a ton of success with these bunnies - the older ones are 2 years...
  • Tamuk Rabbits
    Tamuk Rabbits
    30.00 $
    TAMUK (Utah) August 11, 2023
    Lots to choose from and lots of color options. About 2 months old. Been played with alot will make great pets or great meat rabbits.
  • Cute TAMUK Rabbit Babies for Adoption - Variety of Colors and Friendly Companions
    Cute TAMUK Rabbit Babies for Adoption - Variety of Colors and Friendly Companions
    25.00 $
    TAMUK (California) July 23, 2023
    Hey there! We've got some adorable TAMUK rabbit babies that were born on April 16th and 17th! If you're looking to welcome a furry friend into your family, we have two litters to choose from, offering a variety of colors such as black, tan, gray, whi...
  • Doe and buck TAMUK pair $15
    Doe and buck TAMUK pair $15
    15.00 $
    TAMUK Lufkin (Texas) June 24, 2023
    Both 5-6 months old, around the size of a small puppy. May be bought separately for $15 or together for $25. Doe is the brown spotted and the buck is the grey. Both very friendly and fluffy. Will bond well with new owners. Text 936-332-9074
  • High-quality Tamuk bunnies for sale
    High-quality Tamuk bunnies for sale
    25.00 $
    TAMUK San Antonio (Texas) May 23, 2023
    For sale: High-quality meat rabbits or pets - 5-week-old Tamuk bunnies. They are priced at $35 each, but if you purchase 4 or more, the price is reduced to $25 each. Additionally, unrelated breeding pairs are also available. To inquire or make a purc...
  • Half TAMUK half New Zealand bunnies
    Half TAMUK half New Zealand bunnies
    50.00 $
    TAMUK Santa Ana (California) March 29, 2023
    We currently have adorable baby bunnies that were born on February 20th and are now available for adoption. These bunnies are a unique breed that is a combination of 1/2 TAMUK and 1/2 New Zealand Red. The adoption fee for one bunny is $50, and if you...
  • TAMUK bunnies Male, Female and trios available
    TAMUK bunnies Male, Female and trios available
    40.00 $
    TAMUK Sacramento (California) March 4, 2023
    We have a selection of TAMUK bunnies available for adoption! We have 2 litters born on January 14th and the bunnies have been handled regularly, are healthy, and come from good natured parents. Our selection includes the following colors: - Blue Hima...
  • 4 Tamuk bunnies for sale
    4 Tamuk bunnies for sale
    30.00 $
    TAMUK Carrollton (Texas) February 14, 2023
    There are four bunnies available, consisting of two males and two females. They are suitable for kids and have received regular handling. The mother and father of these bunnies are also healthy, robust, and very friendly. The Tamuk rabbit breed was d...
  • Tamuk rabbits with cages/hutches
    Tamuk rabbits with cages/hutches
    35.00 $
    TAMUK San Antonio (Texas) February 12, 2023
    Raise your own meat with our Tamuk rabbits, priced at $35 each. These rabbits make for excellent pets and are efficient meat producers. Breeding pairs and trios are also available for purchase. We offer hanging cages and hutches, with the hutch price...
  • Various Tamuk Rabbits Available
    Various Tamuk Rabbits Available
    50.00 $
    TAMUK San Antonio (Texas) January 17, 2023
    Available TAMUK rabbits in different colors and ages. Many people are attempting to increase their level of self-sufficiency during these uncertain times by cultivating gardens and keeping livestock. Rabbits, miniature pigs, and hens can be wonderful...
    20.00 $
    TAMUK Portland (Oregon) July 5, 2022
    TAMUK FULL KITS ARE AVAILABLE! These are a meat breed that are quick-growing, heat-tolerant, and well-tempered, but they also make wonderful pets. There are several colors to pick from. To mention a few, there are red, black, blue, black Japanese, bl...
  • 10 Tamuk bunnies for sale
    10 Tamuk bunnies for sale
    30.00 $
    TAMUK Waco (Texas) June 21, 2022
    We are selling ten Tamuk bunnies. This is our favorite breed because it is heat tolerant. Bunnies born on May 5th and looking for a new home They are handled and played with by the children on a daily basis. Excellent for pets and meat rabbits.
  • Tamuk bunnies for sale
    Tamuk bunnies for sale
    35.00 $
    TAMUK Sheridan (Colorado) May 25, 2022
    TAMUK BUNNIES ARE AVAILABLE! These are a fast growing, heat tolerant, and well-tempered meat breed that would also make an excellent pet. There are many different colors to choose from. Blue magpie, blue Japanese, ermine, red, and black magpies Will ...