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  • 1 purebred Dwarf Lion Head Bunny for sale
    1 purebred Dwarf Lion Head Bunny for sale
    50.00 $
    Lionhead Tampa (Florida) September 22, 2023
    I have 1 purebred Dwarf Lion Head Bunny left. These bunnies are starting to learn how to use a litter box. The parents weigh 4lbs each, similar to a small cat. They are weaned and ready to go to their new homes. Rabbits are wonderful pets! They are l...


  • Purebred Double Mane Lionhead bunnies for sale
    Purebred Double Mane Lionhead bunnies for sale
    30.00 $
    Lionhead Kalama (Washington) February 23, 2024
    These Lionhead bunnies are purebred Double Mane Lionheads. They are friendly and calm, looking for forever homes. They have been handled since birth, have calm temperaments, and are very loving. These bunnies will stay fuzzy with tiny ears. They can ...
  • 2 female Pedigreed Lionhead
    2 female Pedigreed Lionhead
    50.00 $
    Lionhead Payette (Idaho) February 8, 2024
    We have Lionhead rabbits available for adoption in a few weeks. We only have two female rabbits left for reservation. You can reserve one now. Lionheads are a small breed of dwarf rabbits that weigh between 2-4 pounds. If you want to see pictures of ...
  • Dwarf Lionhead bunnies for Sale
    Dwarf Lionhead bunnies for Sale
    80.00 $
    Lionhead Tampa (Florida) February 2, 2024
    I have some super cute Dwarf Lionhead bunnies that are available for reservation! They are absolutely adorable and will melt your heart! These bunnies are not big eaters and are very easy to take care of. They can even be potty trained and are curren...
  • Lionhead tort baby bunnies
    Lionhead tort baby bunnies
    75.00 $
    Lionhead Fort Collins (Colorado) January 17, 2024
    Lionhead baby bunnies available for adoption! We have a sweet tort buck and a tort doe, both 8 weeks old. The buck is priced at $100 and the doe at $125. We also have a 12-month-old doe for $75. These bunnies are very sweet and cuddly. When you adopt...
  • Newborn Lionhead Rabbits
    Newborn Lionhead Rabbits
    35.00 $
    Lionhead Granbury (Texas) January 14, 2024
    Newborn Lionhead Rabbits with pure bloodline are available for adoption in 4½ months. However, we can reserve one for you if you'd like. The rehoming fee is $35. Additionally, we offer Barnyard Chicken/Duck Eggs and Baby Chicks for sale. If you're in...
  • White and chocolate Lionhead bunnies for sale
    White and chocolate Lionhead bunnies for sale
    85.00 $
    Lionhead Prescott Valley (Arizona) January 12, 2024
    Soon, there will be adorable Lionhead bunnies available in both white and chocolate colors. These bunnies are perfect as pets or for showcasing purposes. They have been well-handled, so they are accustomed to being around people. There are 3 white bu...
  • Variety of Lionhead bunnies for sale
    Variety of Lionhead bunnies for sale
    40.00 $
    Lionhead Lakeland (Florida) January 8, 2024
    We have a variety of socialized bunnies available for adoption. Please text me before calling so I can answer your questions. These bunnies are great for both indoor and outdoor living. The mother is already trained to use a litter pan and would be a...
  • 3 Lionhead Rabbits Bunnies
    3 Lionhead Rabbits Bunnies
    60.00 $
    Lionhead Sacramento (California) December 23, 2023
    Adopt 1 adult and 2 young Lionhead rabbits for $60 each. They're adorable, healthy, and love playing together. Rehousing fee negotiable with proof of a good setup. Check pictures and details below. Contact Nik to arrange a meeting. The adult is 2 yea...
  • Lionhead Mini Rex Mixed Bunnies
    Lionhead Mini Rex Mixed Bunnies
    20.00 $
    Lionhead Emmett (Idaho) December 16, 2023
    - Several bunnies are in search of new homes, specifically lionhead/mini rex crossbreeds. - Both male and female baby bunnies are currently available for adoption. - Additionally, there are a few older female bunnies that need to be rehomed, and they...
  • 2 fully grown lionhead bunnies
    2 fully grown lionhead bunnies
    60.00 $
    Lionhead Laurel (Maryland) December 12, 2023
    I own two fully grown lionhead bunnies – a female in white and a male in grey. Both of them are litter trained. Additionally, I have other bunnies, all of which are also litter trained.
  • Baby Bunny Rabbits for Sale – Perfect Christmas Gifts
    Baby Bunny Rabbits for Sale – Perfect Christmas Gifts
    Check with seller
    Lionhead Rio Rancho (New Mexico) December 9, 2023
    Baby Bunny Rabbits for Sale – Perfect Christmas Gifts! Adorable Lionhead-Lop Rex mix from two separate litters, born on Nov 26 and Nov 27, will be ready for pick up just in time for Christmas. Secure your bunny with a $25 deposit each, $55 each, or g...
  • Lionhead Mini Rex Cross Bunnies
    Lionhead Mini Rex Cross Bunnies
    20.00 $
    Lionhead Emmett (Idaho) December 3, 2023
    I'm rehoming lionhead/mini rex cross bunnies, both male and female, including older females for $15. Some are double mane lionheads. Contact Mariah via text if interested.
  • 2 doe Lionheads for sale
    2 doe Lionheads for sale
    25.00 $
    Lionhead Shiocton (Wisconsin) November 29, 2023
    2 Lionhead rabbits available for purchase. Can be picked up in Shiocton or potentially meet in Appleton. One is a 6-8 month old Black&White, while the other is a 2-year-old Tri with light markings. The Tri rabbit has proven to be an excellent mot...
  • lionhead rabbits free
    lionhead rabbits free
    Lionhead Trumann (Arkansas) November 27, 2023
    brown, black, white and black, white, albino, double mane.. come get 'em and they're yours.
  • 2 male Lionhead bunnies
    2 male Lionhead bunnies
    50.00 $
    Lionhead Dallas (Texas) November 27, 2023
    2 Lionhead bunnies, both males. These little guys are extremely friendly and full of energy. They enjoy running around and even jumping on you. Sadly, I can no longer provide them with the attention they require. I will also be giving away a small ca...
  • Great Christmas gift
    Great Christmas gift
    75.00 $
    Lionhead Albuquerque (New Mexico) November 25, 2023
    I have four lion head bunnies available for adoption. They are looking for their forever homes and would make a great Christmas gift. Each bunny will come with a starter set of pellets and Timothy Hay. The price is $75 each or $120 for two. Please te...
  • 2 Lionhead bunnies with free Cage
    2 Lionhead bunnies with free Cage
    60.00 $
    Lionhead Alton (Texas) November 16, 2023
    Selling a bunny enclosure with two lion head bunnies – one all grey and one white with grey. Asking $60 for both due to my upcoming move. Pickup in Alton. Text me for more information.
  • Cute Dwarf Lionhead bunnies
    Cute Dwarf Lionhead bunnies
    50.00 $
    Lionhead Clermont (Florida) November 8, 2023
    These cute dwarf bunnies are available for adoption today. They are 10-12 weeks old and cost $50 each, except for Blue eyed white Rodger who is $100. They are litter trained and can roam freely in your home. Our experience of over 50 years in breedin...
  • 3 baby Lionhead bunnies for sale
    3 baby Lionhead bunnies for sale
    20.00 $
    Lionhead Sauk City (Wisconsin) October 25, 2023
    Three cute bunnies will turn 8 weeks old on November 4th and are looking for new homes. They are friendly with both kids and adults and have been fed a high-quality diet. Contact Brittany at the provided number for serious inquiries.
  • Baby lionhead/lop bunnies
    Baby lionhead/lop bunnies
    100.00 $
    Lionhead Portland (Oregon) October 22, 2023
    We are adorable baby lionhead/lop bunnies and our birthday is on September 9th. We are friendly with children, adults, other bunnies, and a cat. We enjoy playing, exploring, being held and snuggled, and being admired for our cuteness. Our family is a...